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Innovations in Lightweight and Coated Sublimation Paper for Enhanced Feather Flag Production

Dec 11, 2023

Innovations in Lightweight and Coated Sublimation Paper for Enhanced Feather Flag Production

The feather flag industry is on the brink of a transformation, thanks to recent advancements in sublimation paper technology. The shift towards using lighter and potentially coated papers for dye-sublimation printing is not only enhancing the quality of feather flags but also steering the industry towards more sustainable practices.

Lighter, More Efficient Sublimation Papers for Flag Banner

The traditional use of heavier sublimation papers, often requiring a coating, is being replaced by thinner, lighter papers. SPGPrints' new textile sublimation printer, Rose, can handle sublimation paper as light as 31 g/m², a significant reduction from the previously common 100 g/m² paper. Sappi, a global leader in sustainable woodfibre products, has introduced Transjet Tacky Industrial and Basejet, coated and uncoated feather flag dye sublimation papers, respectively, offering benefits like immediate tack effect, high ink transfer, and fast drying for a range of textile applications.

Technological Synergy for Enhanced Production

The interaction between the sublimation printer, ink, and transfer paper is critical. For instance, SPGPrints' extensive testing on the Rose sublimation printer revealed that their Leaf sublimation transfer paper, despite being lighter, handles ink as effectively as heavier papers from other vendors. Companies like SPGPrints provide all these components under one roof, ensuring well-tested and optimized interaction, crucial for maximal runnability in the sublimation printing process.

Advancements in Sublimation Feather Flag Printing Machines

Epson's Monna Lisa 8000 has set a new standard in digital textile flag banner printing, combining performance and usability, making it suitable for the diverse needs of the digital textile market. Furthermore, Epson's SureColor SC-F9430 and SC-F9430H dye-sublimation feather banner printers are tailored for high-volume printing in sports apparel, fashion, and home decorations. HP's updated portfolio of HP Latex R Series printers and MUTOH's new XpertJet 1682WR dye sublimation feather flag printer represent additional strides in printing technology, emphasizing quality and operational efficiency.

Environmental Considerations and Future Outlook

The shift to lighter sublimation papers is not just a technological advancement but also a step towards greater environmental responsibility. These papers are often made from 100% recyclable cellulose and are FSC certified, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. This trend is expected to continue as the industry adapts to changing demands and seeks to minimize its ecological footprint.

In conclusion, the feather flag industry stands at a pivotal point where technological advancements in sublimation paper, synergistic printing processes, and a focus on sustainability are shaping its future. The move towards lightweight and coated sublimation papers is set to revolutionize feather flag production, offering enhanced quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

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